Research Students

Supervision  and Examination Enquiries

I may be able to supervise, advise students (or prospective students), or to act as an examiner, in these areas:

  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Open Data, Linked Data and Data Visualisation in Education
  • Research Archiving and the Role of Museums and Galleries in Education
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Radical and Emancipatory Education
  • Workplace and Worker’s Inquiry

Recent Postgraduate Research Students

I have supervised a number of doctoral students to successful completion:

  • Dr. Sanna Rimpilainen (University of Stirling). PhD Thesis: ‘Gathering, Translating, Enacting. A study of interdisciplinary research and development practices’ (2012)
  • Dr. Agustina Martinez-Garcia (Liverpool John Moores University). PhD Thesis: ‘Using semantic technologies to support the archiving, analysis and re-use of complex qualitative data’ (2013)
  • Dr. Elaine Barron (University of Bedfordshire). EdD Thesis: ‘Primary headteachers’ perceptions of training teachers fit to practise within changing landscapes of teacher training’ (2015)
  • Dr. David Mathew (University of Bedfordshire). PhD by Publication on ‘Fragile Learning’ (2017)
  • Dr. Garry Layden (University of Bedfordshire) EdD Thesis: ‘Room for chaos? Authenticity and performance in undergraduate spatial design students’ accounts of ideational work’ (2017)
  • Dr. Sharvaani Ramkissoon (University of Bedfordshire) PhD Thesis: ‘A pedagogically-informed model of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) for Mauritian higher education’ (2018)
  • Dr. Eve Rapley (University of Bedfordshire). PhD Thesis: ‘Taking the path of least resistance: A constructivist ground theory of HE Teacher Practice at a UK Land-based College’ (2018)
  • Dr. Satip Kuesoongnern (University of Bedfordshire). PhD Thesis: ‘Cross-Cultural Communication Strategies in Thai EFL University Classrooms’ (2018)
  • Dr. Saleh Alrasheed (University of Bedfordshire). PhD Thesis: ‘Computer Assisted Language Learning in Saudi Arabian Secondary Schools’ (2018)
  • Dr. Michael Usi (University of Bedfordshire). PhD Thesis: ‘Developing a strategy to address low youth education attendance in Malawi’ (2018)
  • Dr. David Appleby (University of Bedfordshire). PhD Thesis: ‘Exploring the experience of liminality in learners of secondary school physics’ (2019)

Postgraduate Examining

I have been external examiner for the MA in Higher Education Practice at the University of East Anglia and an external PhD examiner for universities in the UK and internationally.

Critical Pedagogies, Data Science and Emancipatory Research