My Research

Summer_Team_2008Much of my research has been into the ways in which new technologies, and emerging web technologies in particular, can support teaching, learning and research.  I was director of ‘Ensemble’, an ESRC/EPSRC project that explored the potential of semantic web and linked data technologies in higher education, and have also led other funded projects concerned with digital archiving, social software, technology design and automated assessment.  More recently, my academic work has been more concerned with the politics of higher education policy, and how educational systems need to adapt to the future of work.  I am a research affiliate of Autonomy, a think-tank concerned with the present and futures of work.

Since 2019, I have been working as Data and Evaluation Advisor for Superhighways (part of Kingston Voluntary Action) on a ‘Cornerstones’ project to develop data science, research and evaluation capacity in the Voluntary Sector in London.

Workers’ Inquiry

I am interested in the radical tradition of ‘workers’ inquiry’ which emerged in Italy in the 1960’s as part the broader post-Marxist political movements known as operaismo (workerism) and autonomia (autonomism). Workers’ inquiry has relevance in the context of contemporary work which is increasingly dominated by precarity, automation and surveillance, and represents a form of radical praxis for workers.

Research Archiving and New Opportunities for Enquiry

One focus of my work is digital archives, and the opportunities they provide for new forms of enquiry and analysis, including the ‘secondary analysis’ of existing qualitative and quantitative data. I curate a digital archive of significant educational evaluation research at which fulfils all of these roles: it allows secondary analysis, well as being a resource both for teaching about topics in education and about approaches to research and evaluation.

Publications, Conferences and Peer Review

I have written a good deal about educational technologies, teaching, learning and assessment in higher education, the use of open and linked data, and research methods.  You can find a select bibliography on this site.  I have also presented my work at conferences and seminars around the world and run research training and professional development events. To discuss contributions to conferences, programmes or courses that you are running, please contact me.

Critical Pedagogies, Data Science and Emancipatory Research