About Me

patricktalkingI am Professor of Education at the University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom, having previously worked at the Universities of Reading and Cambridge, and at Liverpool John Moores University. I supervise research students, teach research methods and research ethics, and carry out my own research into radical education, educational technologies and interdisciplinary working. I also work as an examiner, reviewer and evaluator for universities and other research bodies.  I am also the University’s Director of Research Development, so am involved in research methods training, supervisor training and developing policy and practice around research integrity and ethical practice.  I am a member of the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC), Research Degrees Committee, and Research and Enterprise Committee.

Technology Enhanced Learning

Summer_Team_2008Much of my research has been into the ways in which new technologies, and emerging web technologies in particular, can support teaching, learning and research. I was director of ‘Ensemble’, an ESRC/EPSRC project that explored the potential of semantic web and linked data technologies in higher education, and have also led other funded projects concerned with digital archiving, social software, technology design and automated assessment.  I draw on post-structuralist and post-marxist theory to explore how technologies are designed and developed, and the ways in which they change social relations and material practices – often in unexpected ways.

Research Archiving and New Opportunities for Enquiry

One particular aspect of my work on digital technologies is the area of digital archives, and the opportunities they provide for new forms of enquiry and analysis, including the ‘secondary analysis’ of existing qualitative data. I am also interested in the use of digital archives in teaching, both about substantive topics, and about social enquiry. I curate a digital archive of significant educational evaluation research at http://www.evaluating-education.org.uk which fulfils all of these roles: it allows secondary analysis, well as being a valuable resource both for teaching about topics in education and about approaches to research and evaluation.

Publications, Conferences and Peer Review

I have written a good deal about educational technologies, teaching, learning and assessment in higher education, the use of open and linked data, and research methods.  You can find a select bibliography on this site.   I have also presented my work at conferences and seminars around the world and run research training and professional development events. To discuss contributions to conferences, programmes or courses that you are running, please contact me at patrick.carmichael@beds.ac.uk.  I also act as a peer reviewer and evaluator for the ESRC, the Australian Research Council, and the European Commission.